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Who Pays For Cleanup If The Neighbor’s Tree Falls In Your Yard?

Who Pays For Cleanup If The Neighbor’s Tree Falls In Your Yard?

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Every day the weather makes headlines. I know we went through hurricane Andrew.

When possible I try to “think through” potential problems and educate myself how to react. And weather issues is no different. I ran across this a post which asked an interesting question.

If your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard,who pays for removal?

It’s a question I’ve not considered.

Here’s a few highlights from the post:

The steps you take after a tree falls can mean the difference between headache and heartache.

The first thing to do is call your homeowners insurance agent, said Bob Delbridge, owner of 404-Cut-Tree, one of the largest tree service companies in the Atlanta area.

Where the tree falls determines who pays for what. “Almost everyone is surprised when we tell them, the way the law works is, wherever the tree landed, that person is responsible for dealing with it regardless of where the tree came from.”

Corey Cargle, owner of Steve’s Tree and Landscape Service in Grant Park recommends you take plenty of pictures.

“If it leaves your property and hits someone’s home, car or anything else, it’s off you. It becomes their tree. A lot of people call us and say, hey, this tree fell from my neighbors house into our yard, and I want you to give us an estimate and we’ll give it to them. But it doesn’t work like that.”

I’ve never had to deal with fallen tree issues. We’ve just pulled out the chain saws and started cutting. But it also makes you think about the trees growing around your property and what you should and should not plant.

Read the full article via erie insurance

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