How To Attract Beneficial Insects With Plants

How To Attract Beneficial Insects With Plants

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When you hear the word, “insects” do you like many gardeners immediately want to run for the bug spray and pest control?

Not all bugs are bad. In fact, there are some plants to consider growing to attract those beneficial insects. Yes, a few pests can be a good thing.

For example, the Mexican milkweed. Little yellow aphids love the milkweed plant.

The aphids don’t harm the plant. But, they do attract just about every good beneficial you can imagine to your garden to feed on them.

You’ll discover lady beetles along with their larvae, lacewings, voracious assassin bugs and beneficial wasps.

These wasps lay an egg inside the yellow aphid. This causes the aphid to turn brown, and soon the wasp emerges. It’s cool. More on Lacewings Here.

Raising a good crop of beneficial insects on plants like the Mexican milkweed helps the garden as the beneficials fly around the landscaping garden helping out other plants with pest issues.

You see how growing some plants to attract beneficials can be good for the garden. Now, you’ll not want to do a lot of spraying on “beneficial attractors.”

When you come out and examine them, you’ll find the beneficials are very busy and helpful for you and your landscape.

Another good plant to grow is Gauara. These plants make for a great nursery for increasing the beneficials in your landscape garden.

Watch this video to discover a few and why there are good to grow in the garden.

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Watch the video: How to attract Beneficial Insects and Customers. Learning from Nature (June 2022).


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