Garden Shed Plans For She Sheds [How to Build & Customize]

Garden Shed Plans For She Sheds [How to Build & Customize]

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Many homeowners have their own place to retreat and unwind. For some, it’s a pool, patio/deck area, for others it’s entertaining in the backyard cooking on the BBQ.

For men, the garage or tool shed that they call man cave is their domain. But why does it have to be just for men? A hot trend is for women to create a “She Shed” from an ordinary tool shed.

Here are some tips to consider for your “She Shed.”

Check Building Codes

One of the first steps is to check your local building codes or homeowners’ association guidelines. They may have requirements on:

  • Shed size
  • Foundation
  • Color

Your shed may be an upgrade to an existing shed. However, if you’re building a new shed, make it easier to set the foundation by looking for a spot that is very level.

The Shed Foundation

The she shed plans can have foundations with:

  • Concrete slab with sill plates
  • 4×4’s on masonry blocks
  • In areas that freeze, set 4x4s on concrete footers below the frost line.

For more watch – How to Build a Foundation Video

Building The Shed

Garden shed kits are an easy way to go with clear instructions.

The basic installation involves:

  • Building walls
  • Adding the roof
  • Installing doors and windows
  • Exterior painting
  • Adding trim and finishing with shingles

Customizing Your Shed

Most sheds have minimal light, but many kits include a window. For more light consider:

  • Switching out the doors for French Doors
  • Adding skylights

Smart Moves

Electrical is not necessary, depending on use… consider having a pro do it!

Adding insulation helps keep temperatures right and limit moisture build-up.

Install drywall on the walls but not on the ceiling if the shed does not have vents… mold could become a problem.

When painting use a paint-and-primer-in-one for the walls and ceiling. On floors which get traffic, prime first, then use porch and floor paint.

Shed Personality

To add some personality to your she attach lattice skirting. Make for a more finished appearance by adding a deck or patio.

Put in outdoor furniture, planters and a few accessories to liven things up.

The storage space and overall area is small so keep your decor simple. Consider a water fountain to create a relaxing atmosphere.

A simple shed can be converted into your very own personal retreat.

Check out the video tutorial below from Lowe’s Home Improvement, they’ll give you a materials list and show you how to build a “she shed”. A SheShed any woman would love to spend some relaxing or productive personal time in.

Watch the video: Unique Small Garden Shed Idea. Shed Designs (June 2022).


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