How To Build A $50 Dollar Greenhouse

How To Build A $50 Dollar Greenhouse

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Having a small greenhouse can be all that you need to get a jump start on the season or possibly grow those plants which need a little extra protection. Over at the they built a hoop greenhouse for $50… it did take some recycle, freecycle, and scrounging.

After checking out the post and reading so many greenhouse post across the web, here are a few tips to consider.

  • The material cost is all part of being resourceful. Look at Craigslist for some of the materials. It’s amazing how much people will give away.
  • Consider using a carport frame or tubes
  • Don’t make a greenhouse too long as heat will build up and venting will be required.
  • In windy areas this may not be the right greenhouse.
  • For best results – use greenhouse plastic, double poly with a blower to keep the layers inflated

Complete greenhouse kits can be pricey, however, there is a way to save by building a greenhouse. A decent size, fifteen-foot long greenhouse can be created with basic, simple construction. Check out the $50 from with, materials list, instructions and images via

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