How To Make Broken China Into Gorgeous Garden Stepping Stones

How To Make Broken China Into Gorgeous Garden Stepping Stones

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Every garden should have something that makes it unique. It could be the use of garden art and stepping stones are one easy way to personalize your garden.

Accidental Project

This project happened by accident – literally. At Over The Big Moon, Lisa shares how she took her grandma’s broken china and turn it into attractive stepping stones.

It turns out that her husband was taking her gramdma’s teacups to an event and they ended up broken.

After being devastated, the broken china was put away to live another day in a project and these beautiful stepping stones are the result.

How many times have we throw something away which could be transformed into something beautiful for others to enjoy.

A nice tutorial, simple, complete with images, details and tips along the away. I’ll bet grandma loves the her “new” tea cup china setting! Check out the complete tutorial via

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Watch the video: Broken China Heart Mosaic (June 2022).


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