Rain Harvesting

Easy DIY Rainwater Harvesting System – Collect Rainwater & Put it Directly Into Your Garden

Easy DIY Rainwater Harvesting System – Collect Rainwater & Put it Directly Into Your Garden

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Have you ever wanted to create an easy way to collect rainwater with a rain barrel and use it to water your garden?

If so, there is a simple solution to harvest rainwater and it’s shown in this easy to follow Do It Yourself video on how to create a multi-barrel system.

This system will divert rain from your rooftop into a rain barrel and then transfer it directly to your garden or lawn.

By using this system, you can cut down on your water bills and help the environment at the same time! Watch

Harvesting rainwater is a good way to save on water bills, and can be downright essential for people in certain climates.

Houzz’s Mariana has written an article discussing some of the technical and aesthetics elements involved in determining what kind of rainwater capture solution might work best for you.

Consider whether you want a more naturalistic or a more functional rainwater capture system, as well as the local climate and how much rainwater you hope to catch.

Collecting rainwater is “outlawed” is some parts of the country! Considering these types of things might also make you more conscious of how much water you use outdoors in general. Learn more via Houzz

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Watch the video: Easy Rainwater Collection - Oatey Mystic (June 2022).


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