16 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas For Cooling Off When The Heat Is On

16 DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas For Cooling Off When The Heat Is On

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Summer is in full swing, and nothing beats the heat better than a nice shower… and an outdoor shower takes it up a notch.

Not only are outdoor showers great fun and practical for the “outdoor family”, they are also really affordable, and easy to do it yourself.

Outdoor showers can also be great for your garden. If you choose the right kind of soap like castile, the water can irrigate the garden instead of going down the drain.

From instant showers made of a garden hose, to funky and unique ones made from reclaimed surfboards. Also, many ideas for showers heads made from beer cans or buckets.

This amazing, fun collection of DIY outdoor showers give you loads of ideas and details you need to get started and wet! Details at:

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