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7 Cents To Prevent Algae From Growing In Your Birdbath

Over time a birdbath can slowly have algae grow in it. However, copper pennies in bird bath may help you solve this problem.Copper has biostatic properties that makes it incompatible with algae. Due to this, a basin, bird bath, container, bathroom sinks, or copper sinks will not trigger algae growth.
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Tips On Dragon’s Tongue Plant Care

Dragon’s Tongue, also called Hemigraphis Repanda (hem-ee-GRAF-iss, REP-an-duh), belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is native to Malaysia and India.The first half of the scientific name “Hemigraphis” is a Greek word – hemi means “half” and graphis means a “stylus or paintbrush”.On the other hand, “repanda” refers to the plant’s wavy leaf edges.
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Indoor Palms

Howea Forsteriana Kentia Palm Care Tips

Kentia palm care comes with a rich history few indoor houseplants can claim.The upright “Kentia palm Howea Forsteriana” with its beautiful, arching, dark green leaves has graced the background photos of royalty in the Victorian era earning the name ‘Parlor Palm.”There’s also another Kentia called Howea belmoreana, Belmore sentry palm and curly palm.
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Cactus - Succulents

Growing Acanthocalycium Cactus: How To Care For Barbed Wire Cactus

Acanthocalycium cactus (a-kanth-oh-ka-LEE-see-um) is a genus of decorative cactus species known for their colorful abundant blooms.The genus belongs to the family Cactaceae and native to the humid warmth northern region of Argentina, South America primarily in the province of Cordoba.Compared to other cacti species within the family, the genus Acanthocalycium is easily identifiable from the large areolas with spines.
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How To Care For Aloe Maculata Plants

Known as the soap aloe – Aloe Maculata Al-oh, mak-yuh-LAH-tuh is a clumping plant type evergreen aloe from the Asphodelaceae family that includes Haworthia and Gasteria plants.Native to South Africa, the plant mainly grows in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cape Peninsula, and eastern and southern areas of Southern Africa.
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Our Best Solutions For Natural Home and Garden Pest Control Options

The world we live in has so much beauty, however, it also contains pests. Home and plant pests which attack our plants, try to get in our home and sometimes find themselves setting up shop in areas we don’t want them to.As a commercial grower for over 30 years, I’ll admit I’ve sprayed thousands of gallons of poison on plants.
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