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10 Great Plants That Beat The Summer Heat

We long for spring to show us her flowers and before we know it, the hot summer arrives. The great news is that there are heat-loving, hardy plants that can thrive in the heat of summer months.Give them a good thorough watering once a week to enjoy their flowers all summer long. Check out these 10 great summer bloomers below:Mealycup Sage – Salvia farinaceaSalvia plants and flowers are native to the southern New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas region and bloom densely packed flowers.
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Growing Tips

To Everything There Is A Season – Even Plants

A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. And today, as always, the plants we grow are vitally concerned with what time of the year it is.Seasonal changes are often so subtle that plants are more conscious of them than man.In June the daylight hours are long. The sun with its warmth and the clouds with their moisture encourage plants to grow to their maximum heights.
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How To Care For The Fuchsia Plant

Summary: Fuchsia plant care can be done by anyone, it is even possible to take an upright growing fuchsia and force the branches down to make beautiful plants and hanging baskets.A wide array of colors and vigorous growers make fuchsia plants an excellent potted flowering plant for the patio.The Fuchsia plant family sees many new introductions every year – into the 100’s.
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Growing Lavender Mountain Lily: Learn Ixiolirion Bulb Care

Ixiolirion ik-see-oh-LEER-ee-on , commonly known as lavender mountain lily, a genus of perennial cormous herbs belonging to the Ixioliriceae family and native to southwest Asia.Three species of the striking lily of the Altai genus are spread across central and southwest Asia, extending into the Xinjiang Province in China.
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Fences Creative Ideas And Unusual Designs

Adding a fence can be challenging, what type do you have installed, do you do it yourself or have it installed by professionals.If you do it yourself it can be hard to know what to do and what will work for your space. Plus, if you get too creative or try to use some unusual materials like bottles, you can quickly blow the budget and be way over your skill level.
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